The Circle Library consists of over 400 books, journals, monographs and articles, divided into the following 22 sections, covering all aspects of Netherlands and Colonies Philately:

1. Air and Balloon Post

2. Cinderella and Fiscals

3. Netherlands East Indies, to 1939

4. Maritime

5. Cancellations

6. Postage Dues

7. Netherlands East Indies, from 1939

8. Trams, Trains and Buses

9. Netherlands, pre-Wilhelmina

10. West Indies (Curacao, Netherlands Antilles, Suriname)

11. Netherlands, from Wilhelmina

12. Forgeries

13. Postal History

14. Collecting and Exhibiting

15. Mechanisation

16. The PTT and its Operation

17. Postal Stationery

18. Stamp Production

19. The Post in Times of War

20. Netherlands New Guinea

21. Books containing articles on assorted topics

22. Other Catalogues

The books are available for loan by members, the only charge being that of postage.